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Vinexpo America | Drinks America and the Wine Business Institute at Sonoma State University, a global leader in wine business education and research, have partnered to explore topics critical to brands looking to enter or expand in the US. The goal of this educational content is to help wine and spirits producers navigate and better understand the complexities of working in the US market. 

RSVP for this year’s live series which will focus on practical strategies for growth in the current market to hear from experts and submit your questions for the panels.

2022-2023 Live Series

Market Entry and Expansion Strategies for 2023: Recognizing and Seizing Opportunity

This year’s series builds on last year’s ‘Deep Dive’ series with an emphasis on practical strategies for growth in the current market. Topics include the latest developments in the industry, an overview of the US import & distribution landscape, production and marketing cycles, geographic assessment of markets, understanding consumer preferences, and best practices for working with distribution partners. Each live session features a group of industry experts discussing challenges and opportunities, sharing ideas, and addressing questions from participants in an open dialogue. 

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Available On-Demand

2021-2022 Live Series Recordings

Deep Dive Series
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