Omnichannel, ecommerce and DE&I in the spotlight for Vinexpo America | Drinks America programming, March 8-9

Vinexpo America | Drinks America – The Buzz 2022

NEW YORK – Jan. 5, 2023 – With two months to go before the 2023 edition of Vinexpo America and Drinks America, North America’s leading international exhibition exclusively for the beverage alcohol trade is fine tuning its program that explores the biggest trends shaping the industry. Attendees should gear up for thought-provoking conference sessions covering omnichannel and ecommerce. And “The Buzz”, the expo’s dedicated, informal space for networking and knowledge exchange with a focus on current events, issues and trends impacting the U.S. beverage alcohol market, will offer up sessions on DE&I, and connecting with customers from Gen X to Z.

The full schedule of conferences and master classes continues to be refined. Here are the latest additions and developments: 

The Buzz

  • Learn how the wine industry can drive deep connectivity across generations, led by an expert in bridging the communication divide, JoJo St. Claire, MBA, Product Marketing & Sales Architect of Lemae Group Wines. During her session titled, Growing Deeper Connections With Customers From Gen X to Z, participants will explore how widening the wine drinking community to younger generations begins first with a clear brand identity and telling a story informed by a better understanding of who Gen X and Gen Z are and what they care about.
  • In an interactive session on Hiring Inclusively in the Wine & Drinks Industry, Organizational Psychologist Kamilah Mahon, Global Inclusion and Diversity Program Manager at Distill Ventures, will lead a discussion on how to hire strategically and inclusively. Participants will receive resources to help examine or standardize their own hiring process.
  • Join Vela McClam Mitchell, CEO, Lemae Group Wines, and Robert M. Tobiassen, President, National Association of Beverage Importers to learn about finances and protecting assets in a session on How Wine & Spirit Producers Can Protect Their Business & Save Thousands In Taxes! Participants will discover the tools they can use to achieve financial peace of mind.

Conference Highlights

  • Omnichannel Personalization: Customer-Centric Sales and Marketing in Wine, Beer, & Spirits: Pam Dillon, Co-Founder and CEO of Preferabli and Derek Correia, President of Reservebar, will lead a panel of industry experts in a discussion about personalization in both ecommerce and physical environments. Topics will include how well brands are working with both customer and product data to reach consumers at every touchpoint, and the importance of an omnichannel strategy to keep them loyal and engaged.
  • Staying Ahead of Alcohol’s Ecommerce Complexities: This session will explore the rapid changes to alcohol ecommerce and beverage compliance in an industry increasingly driven by consumers. Learn about what’s coming down the pike that alcohol producers and retailers can benefit from, best practices for navigating industry transformation, and get a playbook to help level up and stay ahead of the game. The conference will feature Zac Brandenberg, CEO, DRINKS; Kelly Martin, Chief Compliance Officer & Head of Enterprise, DRINKS; Peter Jones, Market Development Lead for Wine & Spirits, Shopify; and Brandon Amoroso, President, Electriq.

Registration is available online through March 7 for $50; attendees can register at either or to gain entry to both shows. On-site registration is priced at $100.

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