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Mar 08 2023

3:00 PM - 4:00 PM EDT

Master Class

Presented by Okinawa Distillers Association

Japan’s oldest distilled spirit, Awamori, has a history reaching back 600 years. This single pot distilled rice distillate is a product of the unique history of Okinawa and naturally lends itself to being enjoyed with food. Only a handful of the 47 producers of Awamori are even exported to mainland Japan, let alone the US, and this class will feature six of them.

Learn about the production of this fascinating spirit category and taste the huge range of aromas, textures and flavors that its producers coax from their raw material. A sure hit for curious lovers of brandy, eau de vie, mezcal and for those looking to incorporate a new category of low-to-mid ABV products into their programs.



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