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Growing Deeper Connections with Customers from Gen X to Z

Mar 08 2023

10:30 AM - 11:00 AM EDT

The Buzz

Presented by Lemae Group Wines

Join us for a discussion on how the wine industry can drive deep connectivity from Gen X to Gen Z, led by an expert in bridging the communication divide. We’ll explore how widening the wine drinking community to younger generations begins first with a clear brand identity. What story do you tell about your products? You’ll hear all the metrics: disposable spending, amplified brand loyalty, customer education, social media, cultural differences, and more. But ultimately, we need to establish a joy for wine industry by telling a clear story informed by a better understanding of who they (Gen X to Gen Z) are and what they care about. We’ll learn from examples in other industries of who’s getting it right and steps Lemae Group Wines is taking toward greater adoption among these target generations.


Atlantik Imports

- Founder

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