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Introduction to European Garnacha/Grenache Quality Wines

Mar 08 2023

11:00 AM - 12:00 PM EDT

Master Class

Presented by European Garnacha/Grenache Quality Wines

While Garnacha/Grenache is now one of the most widely planted grapes in the world, its origin goes back to Europe where nearly 93 percent of the world’s plantings are located. France and Spain have the highest concentrations—54.9 percent and 41 percent, respectively. Vines are drought-resistant, adaptable, self-sufficient, and self-sustaining. Strong roots delve deep into the soil searching for humidity and nutrients; known as a no “water-stress” variety, it is not that dependent on rainwater or irrigation like so many other grapes. As recognized at the World Climate Change and Wine Conference held in Marbella (Spain) in 2011, Garnacha/Grenache is arguably the most eco-friendly grape in the world.

• Learn about the 7th most planted grape (Garnacha a.k.a. Grenache) variety and its European origin.
• Educate on the European standards and especially, on the importance of products under a certain quality scheme (PDOs and PGIs) Guide the audience on the different specificities that accompany EU agricultural production: food safety, traceability, authenticity, labeling, nutritional and health aspects, respect for the environment and sustainability, and their characteristics, particularly in terms of quality, taste, diversity or traditions.
• Bring the audience the possibility to taste and experience first-hand the wide range, quality and diverse pairing possibilities that European Garnacha/Grenache Quality Wines has to offer.


Interprofessional Counsil of Roussillon Wines

- Co-director and in charge of Export services

European Garnacha-Grenache Quality Wines

- Manager

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