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The NA Boom and the Future of Drinking Culture

Mar 09 2023

4:30 PM - 5:00 PM EDT

The Buzz

Presented by Boisson

The non-alcoholic beverage category is having a major moment – capturing both continued business growth and trendsetting popularity – reaching $3.3B in sales in 2021 and projected to grow +31% by 2024. With celebrity trendsetters launching NA spirits, the movement toward a sober curious lifestyle continues to gain followers. This conversation will provide insight from a leader in the industry regarding the culture shift towards sober-curious drinking, how to curate NA menus at establishments that have renowned cocktail programs, and why celebrities are taking a bet on the billion-dollar industry. Are you abstaining from alcohol or trying to moderate while enjoying the social and satisfying experience of imbibing? Hear how the NA movement is shifting the future of drinking culture.



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