Star Wine List of the Year – New York City

Star Wine List of the Year is the celebration of great wine lists and the teams behind them. The awards have been held in Europe, Asia and Africa for several years and this is the first time the awards are coming to New York! Star Wine List is the guide to great wine bars and […]

How Can Wine Businesses Turn Sustainability Into Opportunity?

Presented by Sustainable Wine Round Table Expectations are changing fast on sustainability performance. So how do you lead change effectively in a modern wine business? And how should leading players seek to inspire change outside their own operations? Wine is a product that people are passionate about, yet the wine industry hasn’t led strongly enough […]

Growing Wine & Spirits Companies and Brands During Challenging Times

Sonoma Wine Business Institute

Presented by: Sonoma State University This panel brings together industry thought leaders and innovators for an up-close view of their success stories. All our panelists are well-versed regarding starting a business during challenging economic times and/or confronting challenges at some point in each of their company’s growth trajectories. They’ll share their stories and how they […]

Staying Ahead of Alcohol’s Ecommerce Complexities

Presented by DRINKS How do you prepare your business for the next era of alcohol ecommerce sales? This session will explore the rapid changes to alcohol ecommerce and beverage compliance in an industry increasingly driven by consumers. Learn from panelists representing one of the leading direct-to-consumer (DTC) experts in the nation, the largest ecommerce platform […]

Omnichannel Personalization: Customer-Centric Sales and Marketing in Wine, Beer, & Spirits

Presented by Preferabli Customer expectations have irrevocably changed in the context of deepening digitization everywhere in the industry. Customer-centricity is no longer aspirational. The market is now demanding true personalization, in both ecommerce and physical environments. Customers expect you to know what they want at every touch point, wherever they are in their journey with […]