Historical. Surprising. Brilliant. Wines from Moravia, the Czech Republic


Wines from the Czech Republic have become highly popular for their freshness, ready drink-ability, attractive harmonic aroma and excellent quality. Come and taste why so many Czech wines have received awards at prestigious international competitions over the recent years. Tasting List1. Pinot Blanc 20182. Apri Sauvignon 20193. Pálava 2020 VOC4. Hibernal late harvest 20205. Muscaris […]

Riedel Wine Glass Seminar

Riedel Wine Glass Seminar

Join Riedel’s Julio Ruiz, as he takes you on a journey of the senses through the Riedel Wine Glass Seminar.This tasting includes an eye opening presentation of how the style of a wine glass truly changes the wines aromas and palate!All guests will take home their 4 glass set of Riedel glasses used in the […]

The Iconic Wines of Provence – Always Ahead of the Curve

Provence is the oldest wine region in France renowned as the birthplace of rosé. Today Provence rosé accounts for nearly 90% of the region’s wine production and is a distinctive style it has absolutely mastered, generally known for its pale color and light, dry elegance. Explore the modernity and authenticity of Côtes de Provence, Coteaux […]

Crus Bourgeois du Médoc 2020 Classification

This is the first time the Crus Bourgeois du Médoc are able to come back to the United States of America after the launch of their new Classification in 2020. Mary Gorman-MW and Franck Bijon president of the Crus Bourgeois du Médoc will be pleased to introduced you to this Classification and answer any question […]

The Wonderful World of Japanese Alcohol

The word “sake” continues to gain recognition around the world; however, little known are the Japanese alcoholic drinks that are not “sake”. For many, Japanese alcohol beyond sake remains a pleasure yet to be discovered. This seminar will delve into the world of Japanese alcohol and introduce you to the drinks, their characteristics and the […]