The NA Boom and the Future of Drinking Culture

Presented by Boisson The non-alcoholic beverage category is having a major moment – capturing both continued business growth and trendsetting popularity – reaching $3.3B in sales in 2021 and projected to grow +31% by 2024. With celebrity trendsetters launching NA spirits, the movement toward a sober curious lifestyle continues to gain followers. This conversation will […]

Adapting French Vineyards to Climate Change: A Year-Round Challenge

Presented by Business France Climate change has had a significant impact on the wine industry, particularly in France where vineyards have been greatly affected by late frosts, hailstorms, repeated heat waves, and historic droughts. As a result, French vineyards are adapting to this new reality in order to continue producing the high-quality wine that the […]

What’s New with WSET

Presented by WSET Join WSETs’ new CEO Michelle Brampton and Executive Director, WSET Americas & WSET Asia Pacific, Dave Rudman DipWSET as they discuss the future of WSET.

DOCa Rioja, a Dance Between Tradition and Innovation!

Presented by DOCa Rioja Rioja is a vibrant wine region committed to tradition and evolution. With over 2000 years of history of making wine, Rioja is one of the world’s most consolidated wine regions in the world. Conserving this experience and tradition, the region is committed to evolve with the market’s new realities: sustainability, technology, […]

How Wine & Spirit Producers Can Protect their Business & Save Thousands in Taxes!

Presented by Lemae Wine Group and National Association of Beverage Importers Is your financial house in order? Discover the tools you can use to become invincible to lawsuits, save thousands in taxes, and achieve financial peace of mind. It takes a lifetime to accumulate your assets, take the time to protect them. By the end […]

Hiring Inclusively in the Wine & Drinks Industry

Presented by Distill Ventures Organizational Psychologist, Kamilah Mahon leads an interactive session about how to hire strategically and inclusively. Participants will receive resources to help examine or standardize their own hiring process.

Growing Deeper Connections with Customers from Gen X to Z

Presented by Lemae Group Wines Join us for a discussion on how the wine industry can drive deep connectivity from Gen X to Gen Z, led by an expert in bridging the communication divide. We’ll explore how widening the wine drinking community to younger generations begins first with a clear brand identity. What story do […]