Amy Ezrin

Amy is one of three partners in The Piedmont Guy, a national importer of artisanal wines from the Italian region of Piedmont. In 2021, she successfully launched her own boxed wine brand called Sandy Giovese Vino Rosso, a light-bodied, chillable red wine made from organically farmed grapes in Italy. In 2022, Sandy was joined by Rosie Giovese Vino Rosato—with both projects at the forefront of elevating the perception of wine in bag-in-box. As a consultant to the wine & spirits industry, she is focused on supporting wineries to improve their presence in North America and on creating commercial opportunities for fine wines and spirits. Her experience also includes having served as Wine Desk manager at the Italian Trade Agency in New York, as Senior Vice President at Massanois Imports, and as portfolio manager at Polaner Selections and Skurnik Wines in New York.  

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